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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Im back and i'm here to stay!

Hello everyone... if you are already a follower.. well its been about 2 months since i last put a post up... but if you have just stumbled across my blog, you have no idea whats im going on about :S
So i geuss i'll start at the beggining... :)

Okay so about 5 months ago.. I started a youtube channel where i was doing beauty videos was going quite well.. i had about 500 subbies... which i was quite chuffed with :D but it was just taking up too much of my time and it had gotten to the point where i wasnt seeing my friends anymore and whatever i was doing, wherever i was...... youtube was all i was thinking about and to be honest , i didnt think it was a healthy thing to be obseessing over... so i deleted my channel :| its not that i didnt like doing videos or that i dont like watching other peoples videos but i just didnt like the person i was turning into and i know that sounds so dramatic but its true... i didnt tell my mum about my videos becuase i knew she wouldnt understand and i always felt so guilty that i was lying and keeping something from her... :/ but ive decided that i still want to do .. something.. that will maybe help or even inspire some girls out there... :) So im gonna do reviews and hauls .... becuase i want to... :)

Ive just recently bought the 'superdrug hot cloth cleanser' which i think may be similar to the Liz Earle cleanse and polish.... so im going to try that out for a while and compare them in  a blog post... i'll do any reviews you want... also if you have any reccomendations for the hottest and latest new products that i just have to try.. leave a comment.. <3

Thank you so much for reading this really long blog post xxx

~ ReviewsBy Lucy xoxo